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7 Reasons Why Neuropathy Experts Only Recommend These Shoes In 2024

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Dr Derrick Smith
18 June 2024
Hi, my name is Dr Derrick Smith and I’m a Neurologist or nerve doctor from Chicago.

I have 15 years of clinical experience and have clocked in well over 20,000 hours.

Neuropathy often curses people with symptoms that can be hard to describe.

Throughout my career, I have seen neuropathy in every possible way. I have helped over 1,300 people who came to me with all kinds of problems.
Shooting Pains
Temperature Changes
I’ve seen it all.

From mild swelling, to someone who hadn’t slept in weeks because it felt like she was being stung by a swarm of bees.

And let me tell you...

Neuropathy So Bad You Could Barely Recognise What Body Part You’re Looking At

And that’s what it’s going to be if you don’t understand the things I am going to explain in this article...

Most people won’t make the effort.

But I can promise you one thing...

If you understand these seven reasons, I promise you will discover a life changing solution.

1. Your Feet Have Natural Healing Abilities

You probably didn’t know this, but nature designed your feet to do amazing things:

Naturally strengthen with every step
Regulate circulation
Create the perfect posture

Your nerves aren’t working the way they should.

Your blood isn’t flowing the way it should.

Your feet are trapped.

And that’s why you feel trapped in your own body…

Your feet have natural healing abilities. BUT these can ONLY be activated when moving as nature intended.

In order to do that, you need four things: a wide toe box, zero drop sole, flexible thin soles and a lightweight design.

Barefoot shoes have all four.

2. Cut Stress On Your Feet And Lower Body Feet By 80%

Have you ever noticed your shoes have a large drop between the heal and the toe?

You may be asking: "Why?"

It’s to help runners be faster.

But for everyone else..

There’s something they didn’t tell you

Leaders in new bio-mechanical research have found that these large drops can add 5x more stress to your feet.

They now swear by zero drop soles, highlighting the life-changing benefits for those with neuropathy.

3. Ease Your Nerves By Ending Toe Bunching

Wearing shoes right now?

Try wiggling your toes around for five seconds…

Not much room right?

Well… This is more serious than you think. Let me explain.

The nerves in and around your toes are being compressed. That means that the tissue around them is thickening with each step. Over time, it can destroy the function of these nerves.

By choosing a wide toe box with room for your toes to wiggle, not only do you end this viscous cycle but you can rapidly reverse it.

4. Your Nerves Are Begging For A Break

Your current shoes are doing a terrible job with distributing pressure. We’ve already established that.

But now we add the fact that they are heavy.

So now you’re putting huge weight and pressure on your feet, and let me tell you… Every single little nerve can feel that pressure.

There’s nothing more your nerves want than the feeling of wearing almost nothing.

When you switch to barefoot shoes, it will feel like taking off a winter coat on a blazing hot summer day.

5. The Arch Support Myth

You may be thinking: “what about arch support?

The arch support you see on the latest orthopaedic shoes provides some relief, but makes the core problem far, far worse.

You see, the people who lust for arch support are the people who need stronger arches… 

Current solutions snuggly them feel supported.

But this is all artificial and temporary…

This way, you’re take away all ability for them to get stronger…

And even worse. Making them weaker with every step.

That’s why your feet feel like an aching mess after a day of wearing those shoes.

You need to solve the core problem.

Barefoot shoes allow your feet to get stronger with every step.

6. Fix The Posture Problem

When someone mentions your posture, what comes to mind?

Do you think: “I have great posture!”

Well, if you’re anything like my patients, then I would assume the answer is no…

A healthy posture is one of your best defences against your neuropathy symptoms.

If your posture is poor, your body is misaligned.

I often tell my patients that a misaligned body is like opening the door for all kinds of issues to stroll in.

But fixing your posture… That’s like closing the door shut, and locking it.

Barefoot shoe provide a foundation for your posture to improve dramatically. They do this by aligning your steps.

By aligning your steps, the rest of your body follows…

7. The Importance Of Foot Placement

When neuropathy gets worse, our senses weaken.

We can so that with 100% certainty..

A single misstep can trigger agonizing pain… Then we misstep more and more and more…

This creates a never-ending cycle of PAIN.

You need shoes designed to ensure correct foot placement every time, strengthening your muscles in the process.

Did you know? Many who battle chronic neuropathy are unaware of the strain missteps place on their body.

To: These seemingly small errors in foot placement compound and compound… 

Eventually, you’re in a dark place...

Thinking to yourself: “How did I get here?”

Charlotte Hudon
Truly Worth Every Penny
Reviewed in United States on April 5, 2024
Verified Purchase
"I decided to try these shoes because they were very reasonably priced. I have been struggling with neuropathy for ages, but over the past year, I have felt every symptom you could imagine so severely. Some days, I could barely face the thought of moving. The day I got the shoes, I put wore them for the whole day. It was the first day I could go a whole day without wanting to rip off my shoes in a long time. On the second day, my steps felt easier and the thought of taking the next became bearable. After a week of using them everyday, I feel like I have a new set of feet and my entire lower body is thanking me. I attempted a 3 mile walk yesterday and I am a new person. I got a pair for my cousin who has considerably wider feet than me, and he has echoed my testimonial. Besides the amazing relief, they are also just simply great shoes. The grip is great and they’re the easiest shoes to put on. They’ve been a lifesaver!"

Well you don’t have to stay there…

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