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Active + Roller
Active + Roller
Active + Roller
Active + Roller

Active + Roller

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Barestep Active & Relief Roller Bundle
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Relief Roller
Barestep Active
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Barestep Active (Color):

Barestep Active (Color)

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Barestep Active (Size)

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It's super simple. We have two sizing tips which have proven to help our customers find the perfect size:

We recommend sizing down from the shoe size you most commonly wear.

If you are between sizes, we would recommend sizing down and going with the smaller of the two sizes

Thousands of customers have joined the barefoot revolution and we have hundreds of five star reviews. These are the average ratings for four important categories:

Customer Support
How to use the pain relief roller

Discover a sense of immediate relief with our new roller

Place the roller gently on the floor
Gently rest one foot on it and roll back and fourth from heel to toe
Five minutes is all you need to feel a sense of relief!
Don’t let another painful step dictate your day. With theFoot Relief Roller, step into comfort and reclaim your freedom to move as you please. This is more than just relief; it’s a new beginning.
Relieve tension at home with a deep tissue massage
Immediate Relief
From the very first roll, you’ll feel the incredible relief as our uniquely designed roller stretches and soothes your foot.
Customized Comfort
Designed for all foot types, you can be confident knowing that you’re going to feel an ergonomic massage.
Durable and Portable:
Made with high-quality materials, our roller is built to last and sized perfectly for on-the-go use. Relief wherever you need it, anytime.
The Barestep Roller is suitable for these conditions:
Plantar Fasciitis
Aching Heels
General Foot Pain

Take back the natural brilliance of your feet.

Introducing the Barestep Active: the barefoot shoe that has quickly taken America by storm, offering life-changing benefits. Designed to mimic the natural movement of the foot, it promises an unparalleled walking experience.

Natural walking experience
Unbelievable comfort
Near perfect posture
Regulated circulation
All-day pain-free walking
A man and woman sitting next to eachother, smiling, both wearing Barestep Active 2.0 barefoot shoes.
Rediscover True Foot Freedom

Take back everything the modern shoe took away

Imagine slipping into a pair of shoes that feel like a second skin, letting your feet breathe and move as they're meant to. That's the Barestep Active experience—foot freedom you can feel from heel to toe. No more squashed toes or aching arches at the end of the day.

These shoes give your feet the natural comfort they crave, and the lightweight, breathable design means you'll forget you're even wearing them. Get ready to reconnect with every step, the way walking should feel.

The Science Behind the Step

The foundation of barefoot freedom

Zero Drop
This means that there is no difference between the height of the heel and the toe portion of the shoe.
Wide Toe Box
Space, freedom, and natural alignment. Our wide toe box design respects the anatomy of your feet, allowing your toes to spread and grip as nature intended.
Thin Sole
Experience the ground beneath your feet like never before. Our thin sole design ensures a tactile connection with every step, providing just the right protection while keeping you close to the earth.
Make every step count

Don’t let your shoes stand on top of your health and vitality

Did you know that the modern cushioned shoe you’re probably wearing right now was only created in the last fifty years? There is a direct correlation between lower body pain and modern shoes. By altering your foot mechanics, limiting your natural movement and reducing your stability, the modern shoe is taking you a step backwards.

Man wearing Barestep Active 2.0 barefoot shoe in nature.
Barefoot freedom for today

Built for performance and freedom, Inspired by nature

In a world of fleeting trends, Barestep takes inspiration from the timeless blueprint of our ancestors. While modern shoes often compromise on form and function, Barestep bridges the gap between natural movement and contemporary demands. These shoes are for those who don’t settle for the ordinary.